Massage Therapist Salary in California - CA

Massage therapists in California are paid well above the average annual national salary.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average massage therapist salary in California is $42,530 in comparison to the average annual national wage of $38,660.  In addition, the city of Chico, California is rated the second highest top paying metropolitan area in the United States with an annual wage of $76,980.

The following list represents the average massage therapist salary in California by major cities.  As you will note, all the cities are showing above average wages as reported by indeed.com.

Anaheim, California $52,000
Beverly Hills, California $57,000
Burbank, California $57,000
Carmel, California $53,000
Fresno, California $51,000
Hollywood, California $56,000
Laguna Beach, California $53,000
Los Angeles, California $57,000
Monterey, California $54,000
Newport Beach, California $54,000
Oakland, California $65,000
Palm Springs, California $52,000
Palo Alto, California $68,000
Pasadena, California $56,000
Redondo Beach, California $57,000
Sacramento, California $53,000
San Diego, California $51,000
San Francisco, California $66,000
San Jose, California $66,000
Santa Barbara, California $49,000
Santa Cruz, California $64,000
Santa Monica, California $58,000


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