Delaware Massage Therapists Salary - DE

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Massage Therapists across the United States on average earn $19.16/hour or $39,850 annually. The average Delaware massage therapist salary is almost 15% higher than the national average as well as 3.4% higher than the average salary for all occupations in Delaware.

Because Massage Therapists have a variety of options regarding their work environment, their salary is likely to be impacted depending on which career path they choose. For example, Massage Therapists can work independently as a sole-proprietor of a small business; partner with other practitioners such as chiropractors and physical therapists; work in hotels, health clubs, or spas; or practice in a physician’s office. Gratuities may account for as much as 15-20% of the salary for an independent therapist or one who works in the recreation or hotel industry.  Hourly rates set by an independent therapist can range from $75-$300, depending on their location and client base. Another consideration for independent therapists is the overhead cost of renting space, paying other employees, gas for travel to clients’ homes, etc.

Comparison of the Average Delaware Massage Therapist Salary by City:

Wilmington  $51,000
Newark  $49,000
Milford  $47,000
Pike Creek   $46,000
Dover $45,000
Bear   $44,000
Smyrna   $44,000


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