Georgia Massage Therapists Salary - GA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average national annual salary for a massage therapist is $39,850.  As far as the average Georgia massage therapist salary is concerned, the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Marietta have a higher annual wage versus other areas in Georgia.  Specifically, massage therapists in the 90th percentile wage bracket in the above mentioned metropolitan areas have an average annual salary of $68,910, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  As stated earlier, the travel tourism industry is among the third highest industries employing massage therapists.

The metropolitan area of Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta is full of hotels, spas, and fitness gyms that employ massage therapists.  Obviously, these areas generate more earning potential than other areas.  The following list is a sample of the average Georgia massage therapist salary as noted by indeed.com.

Athens, Georgia $53,000
Atlanta, Georgia $60,000
Augusta, Georgia $58,000
Columbus, Georgia $55,000
Hinesville, Georgia $55,000
Macon, Georgia $47,000
Savannah, Georgia $52,000
Sandy Springs, Georgia $59,000
Duluth, Georgia $60,000
Marietta, Georgia $60,000
Alpharetta, Georgia $60,000


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