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Indiana Massage Therapists Salary - IN

In the past decade, Massage Therapy has gained significant support from the health care industry as medical professionals realize the potential for healing and wellness these services can provide. In turn, the demand for qualified, licensed massage therapists has grown exponentially throughout the United States. In Indiana, the Bureau of Labor Statistics State Occupational Projections predicts a thirteen percent increase in massage therapy jobs throughout the state by 2016.

Another sign the profession is gaining mainstream medical integration is that the Indiana Pain Initiative, an organization dedicated to increasing pain management education and practices in the state, has begun promoting massage therapy as a viable pain management option.

The majority of Massage Therapy jobs in Indiana are in the capital city, Indianapolis, and the state also boasts a large concentration (per-capita) of massage therapists in Gary.  Fort Wayne has proportionally fewer jobs for massage therapists at this time.  The following lists the average Indiana massage therapist salary by major cities throughout the state.







Fort Wayne






South Bend


Terre Haute


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