Kentucky Massage Therapists Salary - KY

There is a wide range of places that utilize the services a massage therapist provides. From hotels, day spas, health clubs, clinics and hospitals the demand seems to be growing and wages seem to reflect that. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows those not working in a clinic make comparable yearly wages to those who do not. The national average for yearly incomes ranges from $36,500 to $47,000 a year for income.  There are currently 90,000 certified massage therapists working nationally according to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

For a State with a very low cost of living the overall yearly income that can be had by being a massage therapist in Kentucky is very impressive. The three main cities that cover the majority of the States population east to west are fairly similar and consistent in the range you can expect to make yearly as a massage therapist in Kentucky.

The following list represents the average Kentucky massage therapist salary by major city:

  • Louisville, KY:  45,000
  • Bowling Green, KY:  $51,000
  • Lexington, KY:  $52,000

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