Massage Therapist Salary in Michigan - MI

The national average annual salary for a massage therapist in the United States is $39,850, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The BLS estimates the annual salary of massage therapists in Michigan to be around $35,000.  While this number is lower than the national average annual income, most jobs currently listed for massage therapists in the state are significantly higher.  It also might be better to look at the hourly income, since most massage therapists work on a part-time basis. 

Hourly pay in Michigan can range from $12 to $30 and hour, with most falling into the $16-$18 range.   It is also estimated by the BLS that 15 to 20 percent of a massage therapist’s income comes in the form of gratuity.   Massage therapists who wish to expand their earning potential would have the best luck self-employed.   Self-employed massage therapists with a large client base have the highest earnings. 

Below are the average salaries for current massage therapist job listings in the seven largest cities in Michigan: 

Ann Arbor, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $48,000
Detroit, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $57,000
Flint, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $50,000
Grand Rapids, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $48,000
Lansing, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $54,000
Sterling Heights, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $58,000
Warren, Michigan Massage Therapist Salary – $58,000


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