Minnesota Massage Therapists Salary - MN

The range of salaries for massage therapists across the State of Minnesota is fairly consistent and with a small amount of training one can see middle class wages being earned in a State that has a low cost of living. The larger cities like Minneapolis is where you will find your higher amount of earnings on a yearly basis but the trade off will be a higher cost of living.

If you choose to work in a private facility or a public one such as a county nursing home you have the chance to make the same amount as a massage therapist in Minnesota. This fact is noted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and their figures also show the national average for yearly incomes for a massage therapist range from $36,500 to $47,000 a year for income. The state figures below show that Minnesota is in line with national averages for typical income. 

Duluth, Minnesota Massage Therapist Salary – $48,000
Mankato, Minnesota Massage Therapist Salary – $46,000
Minneapolis, Minnesota Massage Therapist Salary -- $50,000
Rochester, Minnesota Massage Therapist Salary – $45,000


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