Missouri Massage Therapists Salary - MO

Demand for massage therapists has increased in recent years, perhaps because of the increase in the stress levels in the daily lives of most Americans. Massage therapists can help their clients with relaxation, stress reduction, recovery from injury, pain management, and dealing with illness. As more people learn of the benefits of massage therapy, employment prospects across the United States are expected to grow by 20% through the year 2016. The state of Missouri had about 900 licensed, employed Massage Therapists in 2008. Within the state of Missouri, jobs for massage therapists tend to be concentrated in cities such as Kansas City and Columbia, with fewer jobs to be found in St. Louis and Springfield.

Massage therapists can work in a variety of settings. Some of these include private physician's offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and salons. Those aspiring to become massage therapists in Missouri may specialize in Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage, Medical or Clinical Massage, or Corporate Onsite Massage. The average salary for a Massage Therapist in the state of Missouri is $50,300. Nationally, the average salary for a Massage Therapist (2008) is $39,850. This means that massage therapists within the state of Missouri can look forward to making an average of 78% more than their counterparts in other states.

  • Branson, Missouri Massage Therapist Salary: $51,000
  • Kansas City, Missouri Massage Therapist Salary: $45,000
  • St. Louis, Missouri Massage Therapist Salary: $55,000

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