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North Carolina Massage Therapists Salary - NC

The average North Carolina massage therapist salary is $57,000 (, which places it in the 75th percentile for salaries nationally, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Salaries from specific North Carolina cities are listed below; they can vary depending on the type of setting the therapist is employed in. 

For example, a massage therapist who is self-employed could potentially expect to earn a higher salary because they are not restricted by an employer’s wage maximum.   A full-time massage therapist can expect to earn more than a part-time massage therapist because they are working a greater number of hours per week.  The following list represents the average North Carolina massage therapist salary by major city:

Chapel Hill $58,000
Charlotte $50,000
Durham $57,000
Fayetteville $54,000
Henderson $58,000
Raleigh $58,000
Wilmington $54,000
Winston-Salem $49,000

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