Ohio Massage Therapists Salary - OH

There are many places a massage therapist may work in the state of Ohio. You may want to specifically help athletes through sports massage or those recovering from injury or orthopedic surgery with medical massage. Perhaps you desire to provide clients with relaxation and pampering. You can choose to pursue any of these areas and more within your practice as a massage therapy professional within the state. Given the relatively small investment in education and time massage therapists can earn healthy incomes.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently found that the mean salary for licensed massage therapists is $39,850. Given the fact that Ohio regulates the profession more tightly than any other state, the wages also seem to be slightly higher and a licensed professional in Ohio can expect to earn about $42,500 annually.  The following lists several prominent cities in Ohio and recently reported wages for licensed massage therapists within those areas.

Columbus, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $53,000
Cleveland, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $54,000
Cincinnati, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $51,000
Toledo, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $56,000
Akron, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $44,000
Dayton, Ohio Massage Therapist Salary: $52,000


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