Massage Therapist Salary in Ontario - ON

Massage therapists in Ontario are among some of the highest paid throughout Canada. In fact, the massage therapist salary in Ontario can range from $20.35 an hour to well over $65.00 per hour. With this range of hourly wages, massage therapists in Ontario can find themselves earning anywhere from $37,000 to $98,000 per year. If you are on the fence about pursuing a career in massage therapy, taking a look at these annual figures may just be enough to convince you to start your new career today.

There are a number of factors that can potentially affect your income as a massage therapist in Ontario. Without a doubt, years of experience in the field will weigh heavily on your starting salary. Recent graduated massage therapy students are likely to start out earning about $17.69 an hour, while pros with 10 years or more of experience are likely to earn a base of at least $30 an hour.

While new graduates generally find themselves employed by an independent massage therapy clinic or hospital, seasoned massage therapists in Ontario often choose to branch out and open their own massage therapy clinics. By working for a massage therapy clinic, you are likely to earn between $17.85 and $36.42 per hour. However, by venturing out with your own massage therapy business in Ontario, you could be making big bucks as high as $75.72 per hour.

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