South Carolina Massage Therapists Salary - SC

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapy is expected to grow as an occupation at a much greater rate than most other occupations, by as much as 19% by 2018.  Given the number of seaside resort towns in South Carolina, the opportunities available to massage therapists there will far outpace the national average.  Not to be forgotten is the climate that will contribute to the quality of life of inhabitants of South Carolina in ways unavailable in more extreme climates.

The following list shows the average South Carolina massage therapist salary by major city:

  • South Carolina Massage Therapist Salary:  $45,000.00
  • Allendale:  $54,000.00
  • Anderson:  $38,000.00
  • Charleston:  $41,000.00
  • Columbus:  $36,000.00
  • Edge Field:  $45,000.00
  • Florence:  $46,000.00
  • Greenville:  $38,000.00
  • Hilton Head Island:  $48,000.00
  • Myrtle Beach:  $50,000.00
  • Spartanburg:  $36,000.00
  • Rock Hill:  $48,000.00


    Professional Organizations for Massage Therapists in South Carolina

    Currently, South Carolina does not have a state-specific professional organization for massage therapists.  There is, however, a national organization that does have a chapter organization in South Carolina.

    American Massage Therapy Association: 
    The AMTA looks to serve its members as well as advance the science that drives massage therapists, the art of massage therapy and the manner in which massage therapy is practiced.  This is a member-driven association that brings together all modalities of massage therapy, creating a forum where massage therapists are exposed to many different ideologies and techniques, some of which they may not ever experience otherwise.  In addition to providing fellowship and networking opportunities, the AMTA also provides continuing education opportunities.
    AMTA’s South Carolina office has no physical location but works to move its events around the state allowing all of its members an opportunity to participate close to their home.  The contact information for the national office is:

    American Massage Therapy Association
    500 Davis Street, Suite 900
    Evanston, IL 60201
    Toll Free:  877-905-2700
    Telephone:  847-864-0123
    Fax:  847-864-5196

    South Carolina Chapter Contact Information:
    Telephone:  864-342-0037
    Email:  healingtouch92@windstream.net

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