Virginia Massage Therapists Salary - VA

The average Virginia massage therapist salary is $57,000 a year, according to indeed.com. This average is skewed considerably by those cities closest to Washington, DC (like Alexandria and Arlington), which enjoy higher than state average salaries and salaries for massage therapists follow suit. The mean (perhaps a better reflection of salaries statewide) is $42,210 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Richmond and Charlottesville, both college towns, also have noticeably higher than mean salaries. This may be partially due to college sports teams hiring massage therapists to support their teams but both cities also have superior hospitals and rehab facilities at which massage therapists may be in high demand. Charlottesville even has a Pilates Center, indicating its openness to alternative forms of rehabilitation, exercise, and treatment.

Below is a list of the average Virginia massage therapist salary by major city:

- Alexandria: $62,000
- Arlington: $61,000
- Charlottesville: $45,000
- Chesapeake: $44,000
- Hampton: $43,000
- Newport News: $43,000
- Norfolk: $43,000
- Portsmouth: $43,000
- Richmond: $48,000
- Roanoke: $45,000
- Virginia Beach: $44,000

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