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Continuing Education/Licensure Renewal Requirements in Arkansas

The American Massage Therapy Association (www. /www.amtamassage.org), the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (www.ambp.com), and the American Medical Massage Association (www.americanmedicalmassage.com) remain excellent resources for Massage Therapists to network and obtain useful technical, educational and legislative information relevant to their profession, as well as information on Massage Therapy Training in Arkansas. Though local Arkansas chapters could not be found, cyber membership and attending national or regional conferences or continuing education programs sponsored by these associations can be of great value.

For Massage Therapists aspiring to be self-employed, the Chamber of Commerce remains an excellent venue for establishing valuable business connections and getting the scoop on local commerce, demographics and other topics relevant to setting up and growing a successful massage therapy practice. You can locate your local Chamber of Commerce by visiting their website at www.uschamber.com and searching the member directory.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists in Arkansas

All CE must be ASBMT-approved. The amount of continuing education for the basic Licensed Massage Therapist level is 18 continuing education units (CEUs) and must be completed before submitting the basic license renewal application.  The same institutions that provide massage therapy training in Arkansas often offer CEU classes.

Upgraded licenses require considerably more CE. Before submitting the special application to obtain the Master Massage Therapist license, you must complete 125 CEUs of continuing education courses or activities, while achieving the level of Massage Therapy Instructor requires 250 CEUs.

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