Learn Massage Therapy in Delaware - DE

There are many different types, or modalities, of Massage Therapy.  Massage Therapy training in Delaware will include classes in several massage modalities in order to prepare graduates to better serve their clients. Some common modalities include Swedish Massage (which utilizes lotions or oils and four main strokes); Pregnancy Massage to help mothers relax and maintain good posture during pregnancy; Sports Massage, which treats the muscles used in sports and active careers; Shiatsu, which uses stimulation on the skin to affect internal organs and body function.  Massage Therapy training in Delaware may also introduce students to Chair (Seated) Massage, common in airports, offices, and other public locations, which incorporates elements of both Swedish and Shiatsu; and Hot Stone Massage, which utilizes heated stones during a Swedish massage.

Delaware may rank as one of the smallest states in the United States as far as geographical size and population, but as far as household income and per capita income, it ranks in the top 12. Higher income areas are positive indicators for Massage Therapists, who often cater to medium- to high-income clients. Delaware boasts 140 massage therapists, with a projected growth rate of 2.5%. 

Massage Therapy will continue to have positive growth due to several factors, including increasing acceptance and increased interest in alternative medicine.  Traditional healthcare providers and insurance companies are more and more likely to recognize and use massage therapy as legitimate means of treating and preventing various injuries and illnesses.  Another factor is the fact that massage has become a popular way to relax and reduce stress.  Some companies are including on-site massage services as part of their job benefit package, which is especially appealing to young adult workers, who are the most common massage consumer. However, older adults also benefit from massage therapy, so as the population continues to age, the demand for Massage Therapists will continue to be strong.


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