Learn Massage Therapy in Iowa - IA

Well known as the “Hawkeye State,” Iowa extends its own brand of warm Midwestern hospitality to its visitors and more than three million residents*. With an average population density of less than 54 people per square mile (far less than many other locations), Iowa offers the desirable quality-of-life aspect of un-crowded living.  This makes massage therapy training in Iowa an attractive option for residents and non-residents alike.

Of course, Iowa is more than a land with room to grow. Iowa has many year-round attractions that include festivals, concerts, shopping, outdoor recreation and sports, and national historic sites. There’s something for everyone in this American heartland state.

Whether you choose to practice massage therapy in one of Iowa’s cities or opt for a less urban lifestyle, Iowa offers aspiring healthcare professionals a great place to work and live − as this state’s 280 Massage Therapists will attest.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists in Iowa

General requirements
Iowa requires its licensed massage therapists to complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) biennially. This two-year period commences on the date the license was granted and runs in parallel with each two-year license cycle.

Continuing education must be in the form of an organized learning program that relates directly to the field of massage therapy, and its purpose must be to enhance the licensee’s professional competency. No carry-over of CE units to the next license renewal period is allowed.

Specific requirements
In addition, specific criteria organized into two categories apply. Twelve CE hours must be in Category A, while the remaining 12 hours may be in either Category A or B. Details for these CE categories can be found by visiting Iowa’s BPL website and navigating to their continuing education information link.

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