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Massage therapy has become quite popular in recent years for several reasons.  It can provide treatment and ease of medical conditions, it is quite relaxing, it reduces stress, and it promotes overall general health.  The number of individuals entering programs providing massage therapy training in Michigan has increased dramatically.  Michigan is already currently home to almost 1,500 massage therapists.  Massage therapy can be an appealing career choice for those interested in helping others but working on a flexible or part-time basis.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 42% of massage therapist in the United States work part-time.  Many massage therapists are also self-employed, allowing them total control of their schedules.

The field of massage therapy as a whole is expected to grow by over 20 % in the next ten years, a must faster growth rate than most professions, no doubt a result of a vast number of people being exposed to the personal physical and mental benefits of massage therapy. 

American Massage Therapy Association

There are currently no massage therapy associations specific to the state of Michigan.  However, the American Massage Therapy Association has a Michigan chapter.  The Michigan Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association recently saw great success in the signing of the Massage Therapy Licensing Act in Michigan in January 2009.  Becoming a member of the Michigan Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association will allow you to have access to the most current developments in massage therapy in the state.  The association also offers various support, collaboration, and education opportunities to its members.

American Massage Therapy Association – Michigan Chapter
104 Huron Blvd
Marysville MI 48040
Phone: 810.364.8884

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