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Continuing Educational Requirements for Massage Therapists in Mississippi

Massage therapists in Mississippi have continuing education requirements that must be satisfied every year.  The MSBMT states that 12 hours of continuing education units must be fulfilled every year in Mississippi.  The MSBMT lists the accepted programs for continuing education on its website.  Every licensed massage therapist is required to update the MSBMT every year with the programs that were taken for that year’s continuing education requirement. 

The CPR, First Aid, and HIV/AIDS information examinations do not qualify for a licensee’s yearly continuing education requirements.  Online classes are also not accepted as well, although 3 hours per year can be taken with a self-study course.  Also, some programs may not be accepted unless they are listed by the MSBMT. 

Some of the topics of the programs a licensed massage therapist might enroll in for continuing education as listed by the MSBMT may include: massage ethics, massage law, aromatherapy, Zen Shiatsu, sports massage, kinetic deep tissue, facial massage and topical applications, thai yoga bodywork, myoskeletal alignment, hot stone massage, anatomy, how to prevent HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B in the workplace, and several more.

After a licensed massage therapist completes their CEU requirements, they would have their program representative complete a CEU reporting form that records the program they took.  This form would then be submitted to the MSBMT for the therapist to be credited for the year’s requirements.

Professional Associations For Massage Therapists in Mississippi
  • Mississippi Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (MSAMTA) – This organization is the Mississippi branch of the AMTA, a national massage therapy organization. It holds regular chapter meetings, has a board, conventions, and several members.  It oversees schools offering massage therapy training in Mississippi.


  • American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) – The AMTA is the national organization for massage therapists. It is an informational resource for massage therapists and the public. It holds national meetings and events on a regular basis and allows licensed massage therapists to join the organization as members.

American Massage Therapy Association
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