Master Degree in Public Health

A Master of Public Health degree will give you the opportunity to explore many different facets of public health care.  According to the American Heart Association, some form of cardiovascular disease affected nearly 81,100,000 Americans in 2006. During that same year, cardiovascular disease was responsible for about 34.3% of all deaths in the United States, taking the lives of 831,272 Americans and making it the number one cause of death. The second leading cause of death was cancer with 559,888 deaths. Risk factors like high blood pressure (affecting 73,600,000 Americans) and coronary artery disease (affecting 17,600,000 Americans) were among the leading factors that contributed to these high deaths rates by cardiovascular disease.

Public health care officials are dedicated to changing these statistics by making public awareness and health education their top priorities. Regardless of where you find yourself within the public health sector, you can feel confident that your work is making a difference in the health of the community you serve, and the direction the nation’s health is trending.

Public Health Schools