Medical Technician Course Through Veterans Education Benefits

Becoming a Medical Lab Technician through the GI Bill

Are you looking to become a medical lab technician after, rather than during, your military career? This is another great option, as indeed.com reports that a civilian medical technician salary is almost as much as military lab technicians: $45,000 per year, on average.

The best and least expensive way to receive an education in this field for former and current Armed Forces personal is to attend med tech colleges through the Montgomery GI Bill. Here’s what you need to know about this fantastic program:

  1. Talk to recruiters before you even begin your time in the military. Talk to as many recruiters from as many branches as you can to find out what kinds of educational benefits that each branch is willing to offer you.
  2. Browse your enlistment contract to be certain that the GI Bill will be at your disposal during and after your service to your country. For a small fee each month during your first enlisted year, the GI Bill will be available to you in the future for you to use to catapult yourself to a career in medical lab technology. While you will probably not need four years worth of classes to obtain your medical lab technician certification or degree, the GI Bill will be available for four years should you need it.

    Here is what you need to know about the GI Bill once it becomes available to you:
  3. Choose a school that offers a medical lab technician program and recognizes the GI Bill. You can confirm this through a school official or the Veterans Administration.
  4. Complete the GI Bill application, which can be located via the Web site for the Veterans Administration, through (888) GIBILL-1, or through a financial aid rep at the school that you chose. Note: You don’t need to pick a school before you fill out a GI Bill application.

The Montgomery GI Bill will compensate you for all of your medical lab technician courses once you are approved for its use.

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