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Medical Lab Assistant Salaries in California - CA

A medical lab assistant’s salary in California is going to depend on qualifications that are backed by education, experience, and adjunct certification. In other words, the more areas one is certified in, such as phlebotomy, the higher they can expect their salary to be.

The average medical lab assistant salary in California, as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $38,000. Medical lab assistants can expect to see salary increases based on cost of living, certifications earned through continuing education, promotions, and even possible shift differentials for those that work nights.

Medical lab assistants in California are often available to perform minor procedures that don’t necessarily have to be done by a physician or nurse. The more procedures a medical lab assistant is able to perform, the more vital they become to their employer. The more vital they become, the higher their pay will be.

Medical lab assistants may be employed in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and a variety of other health care facilities. Some of the larger health care facilities that would be in need of their services in California would include Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Kern Medical Center, Laguna Honda Hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital and Sutter Memorial Hospital.

When salaries fluctuate simply based on location, it’s best to have some idea of what the average salaries are in order to consider specific geographic locations.  In San Diego MLA's earn $34,000, while in Los Angeles they typically earn $38,000.  In both San Jose and San Francisco MLA's can look forward to $44,000 yearly salary.

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