Medical Lab Assistant Salaries in Texas - TX

The current average medical lab assistant salary in Texas is $36,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a very broad idea of what the profession offers financially. In all reality, it is up to the medical lab assistant to determine their own salary through certifications and skills. Those who are qualified to perform numerous tasks will find that they are not only offered a higher salary than the average lab assistant, but they are also extremely marketable.

Individuals in this profession would do well to seek out employment that offers them plenty of room for growth. As the state of Texas makes budget cuts in the medical community, the need for a medical lab assistant will grow because they can do so many things and by performing such tasks, they reduce the need for other professionals, such as nurses. With every certification they obtain, the medical lab assistant makes themselves more useful to the medical community and can expect a higher salary.

Of course, location has a lot to do with salary levels as well. For instance, Forth Worth and El Paso, Texas both report an average salary of $31,000. Austin reports an average salary of $33,000, while Corpus Christi pays $34,000. Dallas, Plano and Arlington all report an average salary of $35,000. Houston reports $37,000 as its average salary for medical lab assistants.

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