Med Tech Careers Through GI Bill Benefits

The job of the medical laboratory technician in the United States military is crucial to the functionality of the overall military medical field. These technicians work closely with medical lab technologists in preparing, handling, and examining bodily specimens to determine a patient’s blood type, discovering the possible presence of cancer, and reviewing blood and tissue samples for any possible diseases.

It is also the function of medical lab technicians in the Armed Forces to gather test results, interpret them, and inform doctors, nurses, and other commanding officers of them.

GI Bill Benefits, Eligibility, and other Financial Perks: Medical Lab Technicians

Following two years of service, or following your retirement from the military, you will be able to pursue your medical technician career through the VA GI Bill. From this point, you will have ten years to use the GI Bil.l

It might also be possible for you to bypass some medical technician training during your service through the DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) program. Read more about the way that DANTES works at http://www.military.com/timesaving-programs/defense-activity-for-non-traditional-education-support-dantes.

Another great thing about serving in the U.S. Armed Forces is that while you are serving your country, the military will pick up the tab for most or all of your education. If medical lab technology is related to your career specialty in the military, you will be compensated for all of your class-related fees while you are an active officer, and you will still be reimbursed for 75 percent of your educational expenses even if this field is not related to your specialty.

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