Clinical Lab Scientist Career

Are there other titles medical technologists?

Medical technologists can also be referred to as clinical laboratory scientists or clinical laboratory technologists. Medical Technologist and Clinical Laboratory Scientists are the same position educationally, but the difference in title is due to the organization one is credentialed by. Following the merger of the credentialing bodies, anyone becoming newly credentialed will have the title of “Medical Laboratory Scientist” (MLS). Casually in the field these professionals are referred to as “Med Techs”.

What types of other health care professionals work in the lab with medical technologists?

A different position in this field is that of the medical technician, commonly referred to as a clinical laboratory technician. This
A medical lab assistant, commonly referred to as MLA or lab tech, typically works with a medical technologist but cannot perform the same job duties due to not being required to have formal training. MLAs prepare specimens for the medical tech to run the tests. This involves ensuring the specimen is correctly labeled and in the correct tube and entering the necessary information into the computer. MLAs are able to run some tests like urinalysis, but cannot test blood.

A cytotechnologist is another profession that is often employed in a lab setting. These individuals prepare and examine slides containing body cells under a microscope for abnormalities.

A histotechnologist prepares slides and specimens for the pathologist to review. The specimens may include that of placentas, body tissue, and bone marrow to name a few.

Phlebotomists also typically work in a lab. These professionals actually draw the blood from the patients. Sometimes individuals are dual tasked to work as the lab’s phlebotomist and medical lab assistant.

In a medical technologist career, one also works closely with pathologists since they serve as the “medical supervisors” of the lab, sharing their knowledge and expertise. Pathologists also sign off on policies and procedures and perform extra analyses of certain lab work, ensuring they are medically correct. Pathologists also serve as the liaison between the lab and other physicians.

Medical techs also work with certified nursing assistants, nurses, and sometimes doctors. Oftentimes with certain test results medical technologists have to report the information to nurses or even the ordering physician.

What types of equipment are used in this field?

Medical technologists use advanced laboratory equipment to run their analysis of a variety of types of specimen. Microscopes, cell counters, and automated analysis machines are a few of the types of equipment used in the field.

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