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Michigan Dental Hygienist Associations

Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association – Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association has been striving to advance and protect the profession of dental hygiene in Michigan for over 80 years. They offer seminars, educational opportunities, and collaboration opportunities with other dental hygienist in the state. The association also offers members legislative representation on the national and state level.


Michigan Department of Community Health – The Department of Community Health in Michigan regulates the standards under which all dental workers are held. They issue licenses to dental hygienist and registered dental assistants in the state as well as approve continuing education hours. The Michigan Board of Dentistry operates under the Michigan Department of Community Health.


Michigan Dental Association - The Michigan Dental Association offers services to the public to improve their overall oral health. They also offer support services to dental professionals in the state, including dental hygienist and dental assistants.


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