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Long Term Care Class in Michigan - MI

Healthcare professionals in Michigan have access to long term care classes and training through a variety of seminars and conferences throughout the year provided by Aging Services of Michigan and other organizations approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health. The Michigan Board of Nursing Home Administrators also provides a list of approved Continuing Education (CE) courses.

Some self-study courses available:  Myths and Facts about Aging; Sexuality and Aging; Nursing Homes as a Place for Dying; Spirituality and Healing; and Stress and Burnout.

Webinars and teleconferences options include the following: Diabetes in Long -Term Care and Pain and Pain Management.

A full array of seminars is also held throughout Michigan during the year.   Topics include the following: Therapeutic Approaches to Dementia Care; Medicaid Cost Reporting 101; Care of the Actively Dying Patient; Ethics and End of Life Challenges; Hospice Benefit and Determining Eligibility; Enhancing Quality of Life for Residents with Cognitive Impairment; HIPAA Strikes Back: HITECH Solutions; Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment and Evaluation of Older Adults; Living More Fully with Alzheimer’s Disease; Improving Quality through a Systematic Approach to Restraint Elimination; Enhancing the Health of Elders; Listening to the Body: Understanding the Language of Stress-Related Symptoms; Tug of War: Quality vs. Cost in Incontinence Care; Advance Directives and Medical Treatment Decisions; Michigan Mental Health Code: Dealing with Resident Behavior; End of Life Communication, Cultural Considerations, Ethical Issues,  Final Hours and Loss, Grief, and Bereavement.

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