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Michigan Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Medical Technician Training in Michigan

Attending a Michigan medical technician training program that has been accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLA) provides a solid foundation for your future career. The most popular choice is a 2-year associates degree program. This allows the student to enter the job market fairly quickly. It’s possible for a medical technician with an Associates degree to continue education and earn a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science, or to use the experience as a springboard to different healthcare career.

Because medical technician work is so varied, the training curriculum is broad. Each school is different, and programs geared toward a clinical specialty will put more emphasis on that particular discipline, but in general the program will cover:

  • The basics of fluid/tissue sciences such as virology, hematology, etc.
  • Conducting and reading lab tests
  • Electronically managing scientific data
  • Laboratory ethics and confidentiality

And more

Once you have graduated and obtained your certificate, your education doesn’t stop. Medical technicians are encouraged to keep their credential current by earning continuing education units or CEU’s. The total number of CEUs necessary for a medical technician is 36 every 3 years. These can be obtained through a variety of classes and activities, both in person and online. Please see the ASCP website for more detailed information. Continuing education helps keep your knowledge up-to-date in the ever-advancing world of medical science.

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