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MRI Technician Salaries in Michigan

According to the Michigan Department of Career Development, by 2016 approximately 2,375 medical special procedures technologists will be employed in the state by 2016. Increasing populations, medical advances, aging populations, and newer diagnostic equipment are all factors triggering a 23% industry growth trend for MRI technicians and related occupations in Michigan. The top three industry employers for MRI technicians in the state are: health care and social assistance organizations, educational service providers, and administrative and support services.

Currently, a MRI technician salary in Michigan is an average $63,000/yr. This is just slightly lower than the national salary average for MRI technicians, which is $64,000 annually. However, this is just a base salary projection. MRI technicians in Michigan can greatly increase their individual salary earning potential by continuing to earn advanced degrees in MRI, gaining additional certification in the field, and continuing to acquire diverse work experience. Professional associations such as the International Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists may also provide opportunities to get more involved in the occupation by creating good business relationships, providing continuing education activities, and announcing open job positions. Since salaries tend to vary between regions, here are the salary averages for the five biggest cities in Michigan: 

Detroit:  $58,000/yr
Grand Rapids:  $49,000/yr
Warren:  $58,000/yr
Flint:  $48,000/yr
Lansing:  $53,000/yr

*Salary statistics are based on findings from indeed.com

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