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MRI Technician Schools in Michigan

Students searching for Michigan MRI technician schools will find them available through private colleges, state colleges and universities, vocational institutes, and community colleges throughout the state. Most of these institutes of higher education will offer education students the opportunity to earn certificates, associate degrees and bachelor degree in field-related majors such as: magnetic imaging resonance, radiology technology, diagnostic medical sonography, and medical imaging science.

Some specifically, upon graduating from one of these programs, Michigan students could earn: Certificate of Achievement in Magnetic Imaging Resonance, Associate of Applied Science in Magnetic Imaging Resonance, Associate of Applied Science: Radiographer, Associate of Radiology Technology, Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology. Students that are drawn to the convenience of online schooling can even earn a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Science without commuting to on-site campuses.

If certification is a desired goal, Michigan students are encouraged to select an MRI technology-related program that integrates both classroom-based and clinical training in MRI technology. Furthermore, students are advised to make certain that a chosen program is formally accredited. Although each educational program will have different required curriculum, all students can expect general instruction in health care, medical terminology, patient care practices, health science, and medical technology. Some examples of specific courses found in Michigan programs are: Image Analysis, MRI Anatomy, Quality Management in Medical Imaging, Trends and Issues in Health Care, Sonographic Introduction, Radiation Biology, and Image Acquisition and Display.
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