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Michigan Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - MI

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Michigan

A nuclear medicine technologist’s salary in Michigan depends on a vast array of factors. Education is obviously going to be a primary factor when it comes to determining your worth as a nuclear medicine technologist. The higher level of education you have reached, the higher your pay scale. Those that have studied in a variety of areas in nuclear medicine will also have a higher pay scale because they are able to serve a variety of functions.

Geographic location is also something to consider when discussing the nuclear medicine technologist salary in Michigan. Areas with low economic status or minimal amounts of medical facilities will tend to have a lower salary to offer applicants. Below is a list of larger cities in Michigan and the average salaries for nuclear medicine technologists within them.

  • Detroit- $60,000
  • Grand Rapids- $50,000
  • Warren- $60,000
  • Sterling Heights- $60,000
  • Ann Arbor- $50,000
  • Lansing- $54,000

Larger medical facilities tend to do their diagnostic testing in house rather than send it out. There is a great deal of medical facilities located in Michigan. Below is a list of some of the larger facilities.

  • Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
  • Butterworth Hospital
  • Henry Ford Hospital
  • Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center
  • Saint John Hospital and Medical Center