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Michigan Pharmacy Tech Certificate – MI

Michigan is home to Detroit, a city world-renowned for its reputation and dominance in the car industry, and the Great Lakes, as well as several thousand smaller ones, which make it a tourist and retirement haven for boating aficionados.

It’s also one of the most populated states in America, and one of the best in which to become a Pharmacy Technician, as they make here some 4% over the national average, according to Indeed.com.

Steps to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Michigan

To begin working towards becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Michigan, you'll need either a high school diploma, or an equivalent degree.

If you're still in high school, keep your eyes out to see if your school offers classes that will satisfy some of the first year requirements of a Pharmacy Technician program, or if you can go somewhere that partners with a vocational school that will allow you to begin working towards it early.

Otherwise, you need to enroll in a six-month to one-year program, either generally through a community college or online school. If you are interested in becoming nationally certified by the PTCB, you'll want to make sure you attend a Michigan pharmacy technician certification program accredited by this organization.

In the off chance your school does not provide work experience or internship opportunities, you’ll need to aggressively pursue it. Experience is absolutely vital to your training.

Upon graduation, you can take the PCTB test to become a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician, or if that is not relevant, begin looking for work. The greatest number of jobs for Pharmacy Technicians in Michigan is unsurprisingly in Detroit, but there is a growing demand in the rest of the state as well.

Before you begin working, you may want to register with the Michigan Pharmacist Association, though this is not a necessity in Michigan State.

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