Physical Therapy Pay in Michigan - MI

With all the employment options available to physical therapists, salary varies. In 2008, the BLS averaged the annual salary for physical therapists at $72,790 nationally.

Average annual salaries for different settings nationally are:

Home health care  $77,630
Nursing home  $76,680
Hospitals  $73,270
Physician offices  $72,790
Other offices  $71,400

The average Michigan physical therapist salary is $75,150 a year, which is above the national average of $72,790.  Below are annual salary averages according to metropolitan areas:

Ann Arbor  $65,400
Battle Creek  $87,200
Bay City  $72,700
Detroit/Dearborn/Livonia  $75,710
Detroit/Livonia/Warren  $77,440
Flint   $71,040
Grand Rapids/Wyoming City  $70,920
Holland/Grand Haven  $70,500
Kalamazoo  $74,050
Lansing/East Lansing  $71,780
Muskegon/Norton Shores   $69,630
Nile/Benton  $71,130
Saginaw  $77,230
South Bend/Mishawaka  $76,660
Warren/troy/Farmington Hills  $78,450

This data was compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2008.

Professional Organizations for Physical Therapists in Michigan

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA): This is the national organization for physical therapists.  This organization is designed to serve it members but also the public.  It works to improve quality care for patients and to provide evidence-based practice for its members.  It also works as a legislative voice at the national level for all physical therapists and publishes Physical Therapy, a PT oriented journal, and PT in Motion, which is a monthly magazine.

American Physical Therapy Association
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1488

The Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA): This is the Michigan chapter of the APTA that focuses on working to improve the profession at the state level. It provides continuing education for its members and provides other educational information.  This organization works to ensure quality healthcare to all patients in the state and to make sure those professionals in the state practice evidence based care and maintain ethical standards created by the organization.

Michigan Physical Therapy Association
3300 Wastenaw Ave, Suite 220
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4294


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