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Xray Tech Salary in Michigan – MI

According to the State of Michigan’s website, the Michigan radiology tech salary is roughly $47,900 each year, with the range of salaries beginning at $42,900 and ending at $52,500. The State also recognizes that entry-level technicians with a bachelor’s degree earn the same amount initially as students with certificates or associate’s degree. However, the potential for advancement into areas of specialized radiologic technology or nuclear medicine is significantly higher for those holding bachelor’s degrees.

Furthermore, this profession appears to have great potential for development as well. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 17% increase in radiology technician jobs from 2008 to 2018, which should leave much room for new graduates seeking entry into the field. Since the main driving factor for this increase is the aging population, there should be significant opportunities for employment.

Keep in mind that where you live in Michigan, as well as what type of facility you choose to work in, can greatly affect your salary. The highest average of Michigan salaries appears to be in the Southwest region, at approximately $49,601 per year with 59% of all technologists working in medical clinics and hospitals.

Take a look at some of these salaries from different cities in Michigan:

  • Detroit: $49,000
  • Flint: $42,000
  • Grand Rapids: $42,000
  • Warren: $50,000
  • Ann Arbor: $41,000
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