A Military Career as a Medical Office Assistant

The average medical office assistant in the United States makes $38,000 per year, which, according to yahoo.com, is a salary that is higher than more than half of the nation.

Medical office assistants have many clinical and administrative charges. These duties are based upon the size of the office in which they are employed. Medical office professionals allow doctors and nurses to more effectively prepare for incoming patients.

Medical office assistants are currently in wide demand in the military and in civilian life, since more doctor offices are using these assistants to perform various clinical duties. These tasks include:
  • Noting the vital signs of patients.
  • Noting the medical history of patients.
  • Showing patients to their rooms and prepping them for examinations.
  • Preparing and developing patients’ x-rays.
  • Preparing specimens for the lab.
  • Running elementary lab tests like urinalyses.
  • Doing respiratory tests and EKGs.
  • Properly disposing of materials that may be a biohazard.
  • Informing patients on procedures and treatments.
  • Changing bandages and removing sutures.
  • Keeping up with patients’ records on medications and immunizations.
  • Sterilizing and cleaning equipment and instruments.
  • Drawing blood.
  • Providing vaccines and medications for patients as indicated by the physician.
  • Making sure that tools and equipment are properly prepared for physician use.
  • Calling in patient prescriptions to pharmacies.
  • Helping physicians during procedures and exams by giving them necessary tools.
  • Informing patients on the proper administration of medication.

All of these tasks are equally as important in military life as they are in civilian life, which is why obtaining a college degree toward becoming a medical office assistant is a great way for enlisted officers to spend their time while on active duty. Certain branches of the military provide enlistees with an annual salary, free medical benefits, free food, and free housing, which allow enlistees to use that salary to pay for college courses in the medical assistant field. Also, the Montgomery GI Bill provides Armed Forces veterans with a free college education following their military careers.

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