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Minnesota Dental Assistant Salaries

Minnesota is among the top five paying states for dental assistants in the country. The average annual Minnesota Dental Assistant salary, according to the BLS, is $40,310. Current job listings found at indeed.com, and listed below, averaged very close to that number. That number is also almost $7,000 above the national average pay for dental assistants, making Minnesota an excellent state to pursue the career. The hourly pay of a Minnesota dental assistant ranges from $15.50-$25.

Minneapolis – $43,000
St. Paul – $43,000
Rochester – $39,000
Duluth – $41,000
Bloomington – $43,000
Plymouth – $43,000
Brooklyn Park – $43,000
St. Cloud – $35,000
Eagan – $43,000
Coon Rapids - $43,000


Minnesota Dental Assistant Association

While the Minnesota Dental Association is primarily for registered, practicing dentists, the association lends its support to all dental workers. Education information, career path guides, and additional resources can be obtained through the Minnesota Dental Association website.


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