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Gerontology Degrees in Minnesota - MN

The path to becoming a gerontologist in Minnesota is both a challenging and rewarding one. In order to work in this field, you must have a minimum of a graduate degree in gerontology or a related program. Undergrad work should focus on social and behavioral science. It also helps to gain some hands-on experience working with the elderly during these years. Certain characteristics such as patience, compassion and exemplary communication skills are required when working with elderly patients who have often experienced physical or emotional trauma. Some schools in Minnesota will ask for letters of recommendation and/or a personal statement along these lines before they will even accept an aspiring gerontology student.

In order to earn a gerontology degree in Minnesota, students will be required to complete a combination of traditional classroom studies along with internship and thesis credits. Courses are a mix of social-psychological, bio-medical, and policy/applied theory type subjects.

Although the job market in Minnesota is not as competitive as some, on average there are still twice as many applicants as there are job postings. This makes a strong education even more important, as it will give you an edge over your competition. There are several programs available throughout the state that can help you with this goal.

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