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Minnesota Healthcare Administration Salaries - MN

Minnesota has, according to, some of the best healthcare statistics in the country. Compared to the national average, the state has far more insured people, spends more on healthcare per person, and to show for it, has some of the lowest rates of illness and death due to sickness in the US.

As a healthcare manager in Minnesota, you’ll be on the frontlines of making sure things stay this way, by keeping the care facilities operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As such, the state pays its administrative staff quite well. According to, a salary aggregator, healthcare management staff make on average $70,000 dollars per year, which is ten thousand dollars over the state’s median salary. Some cities pay differently than others- here is the salary information for the state’s largest cities;

  • Rochester - $72,000
  • St Paul - $66,000
  • Minneapolis - $64,000

Though location plays a role in a healthcare administration salary in Minnesota, a far greater impact can be seen with factors like levels of education, responsibility, and the type of facility for which one works.

For example, an administrator with a master’s degree working at a care facility like Children’s of Minnesota, planning budgets and funding and overseeing the general.

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