Long Term Care Class in Minnesota - MN

The long term care training model in Minnesota, like some other states, is undergoing a cultural change, focusing more on a patient-centered model of care. In the past, those involved in the care of patients in nursing homes and other similar facilities focused on completing tasks, such as waking, toileting and dressing residents at set times. Under a new model of care, students enrolled in long term care classes in Minnesota today will endeavor to learn to help patients decide how they wish to live within their environment and work to help them achieve their wishes, if at all possible.

To ensure that Minnesota citizens receive quality care from competent professionals, the Minnesota Department of Health licenses many of the healthcare professionals who work in nursing homes and long term care facilities, including long term care administrators, nurses, certified nursing assistants and home health assistants.

For example, the Nursing Assistant Registry (NAR), part of the Minnesota Department of Health, Compliance Monitoring Division, registers qualified nursing assistants to work in long-term care facilities who have successfully completed one of two approved educational programs. The courses, which were developed by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and by the American Red Cross, consist of a minimum of 75 hours of training.

Long Term Care Schools