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Salary for Medical Assistant in Minnesota - MN

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a study in May 2009 determined that the average medical assistant salary in Minnesota was $32,870, and the average hourly pay was $15.80. In 2009, there were about 7,370 employed medical assistants in Minnesota. The most experienced medical assistants, or those that have been certified, have the potential to earn an average of $42,030 per year.  In addition, job opportunities for medical assistants in Minnesota should be lucrative as advancements in medical technology increase the capabilities of the healthcare profession and create a more substantial need for healthcare professionals.

In Minnesota, the American Heart Association has determined that high blood pressure has been dubbed “the silent killer,�? as it can persist for several years without producing any noticeable symptoms. In 2007, research studies found about 6,704 deaths in Minnesota were related to heart disease caused by high blood pressure. Statistically, more of these deaths occurred in men 42% more than in women. Statistics like these show that the demand for healthcare in Minnesota is increasing, which in turn will create a greater need for medical assistants as well.

Average salary figures in Minnesota:

  • Minneapolis:  $34,140
  • St. Paul:  $34,140
  • Rochester:  $38,090
  • Bloomington:  $27,000
  • St. Cloud:  $29,290
  • Duluth:  $24,000

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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