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Minnesota Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Minnesota Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Only a small percentage of medical laboratory technicians are hired without some type of secondary education.  Most technicians in Minnesota have obtained an associate degree or higher.  Degrees and certification for these positions can be issued from community colleges, hospitals, technical schools, or a branch of the military.  As medical technology continues to advance at a fast pace, it is becoming increasingly important for lab technicians to have completed a degree program in order to secure a position in a hospital, laboratory, or physicians office. 

National certification requires a minimum of an associate degree from an accredited Minnesota medical technician training program. National certification will aid in attaining a position as a lab technician, therefore the education to receive certification is a necessity.

Students enrolled in a medical lab technician program can expect a high concentration in the sciences, such as biology and chemistry courses.  Physiology courses and anatomy courses will also be part of the standard curriculum.  In addition to scientific coursework, students will need to be able to perform administrative duties like taking and reviewing medical histories, and updating medical files. 

There are currently no specific continuing education requirements for medical lab technicians, however, the world of medicine changes rapidly, and lab technicians should be prepared to change with it.  Keeping abreast of current technology, legislative issues, and Minnesota state laws, is an important part of being an informed technician.  Additional medical science coursework can also aid in advancement and salary increases.

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