Midwife Salary in Minnesota - MN

Midwife Salary in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota Midwife Salaries

The average midwife salary in Minnesota is about $89,000 per year. Although this figure contains the salaries of new graduates entering the field, it is important to keep in mind that recently graduated midwives do not earn as much as seasoned, experienced midwives. However, because of the great demand and career potential in this field, you should find many employment opportunities to help you gain experience and increase your annual income.

One thing that midwives can do to increase their salary and gain professional exposure is to become a member of Minnesota Families for Midwives (MFM). The goal of this group is to promote midwifery as a mainstream medical profession, and also to make the services of midwifes available to patients that want and need them. By becoming a member, you will also be supporting the MFM educational program for the Midwifery Model of Care.

In addition to experience, midwives in Minnesota often find that their precise geographic location also impacts their annual income. In the larger areas of Minnesota, some of the largest medical facilities include Abbott Northwestern Hospital, United Hospital, Children’s of Minnesota, and St. Mary’s Hospital. Average salaries include:

  • St. Paul: $81,000
  • Rochester: $92,000
  • Minneapolis: $81,000

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