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MRI Technician Salaries in Minnesota

Right now, approximately half of all MRI technicians in Minnesota work in hospitals, while the other half typically find employment in local physician offices and medical laboratories. Registered MRI technicians residing in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Rochester may find great employment opportunities in major area hospitals such as United Hospital, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, and Saint Mary’s Hospital. While the majority of job opportunities will be found in more metropolitan areas of the state, MRI technicians should not assume that these same areas will offer higher salaries as well.

Once employed, MRI technicians in Minnesota can anticipate an average annual salary of $59,000. However, individual salaries are frequently determined by a combination of different factors including: specialized training, advanced degrees in MRI and radiology technology, additional certifications in related fields, past work experience, and even geographic location of employment. Some MRI technicians find career advancement opportunities by branching out into specific aspects of the field like sales, marketing, product development, and education. Furthermore, job promotions can also result in supervisory and managerial roles. Here are the average salaries found in some of Minnesota’s largest cities:

Minneapolis:  $53,000/yr
Saint Paul:  $53,000/yr
Rochester:  $60,000/yr
Duluth:  $50,000/yr
Bloomington:  $53,000/yr

*Salary statistics are provide courtesy of indeed.com

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