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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Minnesota – MN

Physical Therapy Assistant in Minnesota
Minnesota, located in the northeastern United States, bordered by Canada, is a state known for agriculture and industry, but especially for its many lakes. The name, Minnesota, comes from the Dakota word meaning “sky-tinted water�?. It is comprised of small to medium size cities, with the largest population in the major city of St. Paul.  Minnesota, and according to Wikipedia, is one of the healthiest states in the US making it a haven for exercise and outdoor enthusiasts. This love for activity and healthy, outdoor lifestyles will afford the Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) career opportunities especially in sports medicine.

State Licensing Requirements

You must obtain a state license to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. This is a new state requirement that contains an extensive list of required supporting documents including two professional references. There has been confusion in the industry over the need of a state license as this is a new requirement. Due to this latest change, many recent unlicensed graduates, along with those who have been practicing for some time, may have unclear information on obtaining the state license. It is best to refer to the state licensing page for accurate and current information.
There are also varying requirements for students coming from out of state and those whom are from a foreign country. Check the website for the specific details in these instances.

Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant in Minnesota

Steps 1-Successfully complete an accredited Minnesota Physical Therapy Assistant training program. The education requirements below will help you know what is expected.
Step 2- Pay all your fees associated with your exam and license.
Step 3- Register for and Pass an approved National Physical Therapist Assistant Exam (NPTAE).  (See http://www.physicaltherapy.state.mn.us/board.asp)
Step 4- Register for and pass the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy exam (FSBPT). (See http://www.fsbpt.org)

NOTE: You may apply for a temporary permit to practice as a PTA as a new graduate prior to taking your exams. This permit will allow you to carry out the duties of a PTA as long as you are under “direct, immediate and on premises supervision�? according to the State Board. This permit may not be renewed and is good only from the date of issue and expires on a scheduled Board Meeting date. The temporary permit is issued if you complete all the following:

  1. The State Board has received your completed application and appropriate supporting documents
  2. The Board has approved you for the state exam and has notified the FSBPT
  3. FSBPT has notified you with a letter –“Authorization to Test�?
  4. Your exam has been scheduled with Prometric Testing Centers (www.prometric.com)
  5. Your temporary permit, form, and fee has been sent to the Board and they have received it
  6. You have contacted the Board with your “test confirmation number�? from Prometric and exam date

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