Physician Assistant Programs in Minnesota - MN

Physician Assistant Program in Minnesota - MN

Employment as a Physician Assistant (PA) has been under regulation by the state of Minnesota since 1987. At that time, Physician Assistants were overseen strictly by the Minnesota Department of Health, but in 1991, new Minnesota laws gave physicians the right to allow a PA who had been certified through that National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) by graduating from accredited Physician Assistant programs in Minnesota to prescribe medications—with the exclusion of controlled substances. Then, in 1995, another law was created which required all working PAs to become legally licensed by the state of Minnesota’s Board of Medical Practice. The same law eliminated the previous stipulation and created state level licensing requirements, as well as giving physicians the additional right to allow their Physician Assisants to prescribe controlled substances.

In 2009, a further law changed the process for the license registration procedure and eliminated temporary licenses, although they’re still allowed for those who have passed the official NCCPA examination and have graduated from accredited Physician Assistant programs in Minnesota. The new law also allows a physician to have a total of 5 PA’s under his supervision, raised from the old law’s total of 2. In addition, the new law provides for a mandatory Notice of Intent to Practice and new supervisory, delegation and internal protocol agreements.

The state of Minnesota also offers title protection to its physician’s assistants, in that no one without the proper license may call himself or herself such. Those who make the decision to put their license in inactive status for a period of time aren’t required to pay renewal fees, but also may not practice as a PA during that time. The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice enforces these rules and disciplines accordingly if necessary.

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