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How to Become an RN in Minnesota

There are two ways that one can become licensed in the state of Minnesota as a registered nurse.  The first is by examination, and the second is by endorsement.  In either case, the first thing that one must do in order to apply for licensure as a registered nurse is to graduate from one of the approved Minnesota RN programs.  These Minnesota RN programs must include both clinical and classroom instruction.

If the candidate is seeking licensure by examination, then s/he can obtain the application forms, along with instructions for filling out the forms from the Minnesota Board of Nursing.  In addition to the application, the applicant will need to submit an official transcript from the approved nursing program, or an affidavit of graduation, along with a $50 licensure fee.  After this documentation has been received and reviewed by the board, the board will notify the applicant that s/he may sign up for the examination.  The examination is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc, and may be taken at approved testing centers throughout the country.  The applicant is also subject to the fees and other requirements of the exam.  If the candidate has completed a nursing program in any other country, except Canada, that applicant must also complete the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools Qualifying Examination.

If the candidate is seeking licensure by endorsement, specific criteria must met in order seek this type of license.  Typically, this candidate has been practicing as a registered nurse in another state, and is looking to move to Minnesota.  Again, obtain the licensure packet from the Minnesota Board of Nursing.  In order to apply without having to take the examination, the applicant must show proof that they are licensed in another state or Canada, and that they have previously taken an examination that is acceptable to the board.  A list of acceptable examinations is listed with the application materials.  In addition, if the applicant has not been practicing for the previous two years, then the applicant must show satisfactory continuing education as mandated by the board.  Again, along with the application and the supporting documents, the candidate must submit a $50 licensure fee.

Minnesota Board of Nursing
2829 University Ave SE Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 617-2270
FAX (612) 617-2190
Hearing/Speech Relay: (800) 627-3529
email: Nursing.Board@State.MN.US

Professional Associations for Nurses in Minnesota

The Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) is an organization of over 19,000 that strives to serve the interests of nurses and the nursing profession in the state.  The organization is involved in the political arena, in bargaining activities, in ensuring a safe and effective work environment, and in community involvement.  In addition, the MNA is involved in offering continuing education opportunities.

The School Nurse Organization of Minnesota is an organization that strives to advance school nursing practice and to promote student health.  The main functions of this organization include research, education, and advocacy.

Registered Nurse Schools