Salary for a Registered Nurse in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota Registered Nurses Salaries

Registered Nurses in Minnesota enjoy a very competitive environment for salaries for registered nurses.  According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, RNs in Minnesota enjoy an average salary of $70,560, which is 8.3% higher than the national average. 

Average salaries for registered nurses in Minnesota are:

Minnesota RN Salary: $70,560
Duluth, Minnesota RN Salary: $56,000
Mankato, Minnesota RN Salary: $53,000
Minneapolis, Minnesota RN Salary: $58,000
Rochester, Minnesota RN Salary: $53,000


Licensure Renewal and Continuing Education for Registered Nurses in Minnesota

In addition to submitting the licensure fee at the time of renewal, registered nurses in Minnesota are required to submit proof of continuing education activities at the time that they submit their licensure renewal.  RNs are required to submit one hour of acceptable continuing education for each month over the registration period.  The information regarding the continuing education activity is to be reported on the continuing education reporting form, available from the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

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