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Minnesota Surgical Technologist Salary - MN

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that surgical technologists nationwide will experience a 25% industry growth rate that will open up more than 23,000 new jobs between 2008 and 2018. This employment spurt is largely attributed to the increased volume of surgeries, new technology and medical advances, and a large aging population. Changing industry trends are only one factor that may influence surgical technologists salaries in Minnesota. The amount of formal education and training achieved, national certification status, prior work experience, and geographical location also impacts salary earning potentials.

Right now surgical technologist are earning an annual average salary of $39,000 in Minnesota. Job seekers should target larger or more metropolitan regions, like Saint Paul, where higher populations rely more heavily on health care providers. Most surgical technologists in Minnesota find employment through local hospitals or education and health services industries. Those willing to relocate may benefit from higher salary offers. Surgical technologists can facilitate career advancement by specializing in a certain aspect of the profession, like brain surgery. To illustrate salary diversification, here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in Minnesota:  

Saint Paul:  $36,000/yr
Duluth:  $34,000/yr
Rochester:  $38,000/yr
Bloomington:  $36,000/yr
Brooklyn Park:  $36,000/yr

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