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Dental Assistant Salary in Mississippi

Dental Assistants are both in high demand and expect decent wages in terms of the amount of required education needed to become a dental assistant professional. Nationally the average salary of dental assistant is $33,000 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Mississippi dental assistant salaries average $28,000 per year. Below is a listing of the 10 most populous cities in Mississippi with the average salary data for each city. It is important to note that certain cities where the cost of living is higher, dental assistants can and do make more money as their wages are adjusted for the cost of living.

Jackson, $56,000
Gulfport, $39,000
Biloxi, $42,000
Hattiesburg, $46,00
Greenville, $42,000
Meridian, $44,000
Tupelo, $35,000
Southhaven, $41,000
Vicksburg, $58,000
Pascaquola, $60,000

Mississippi Dental Assistant Association

National Dental Assistant Association is concerned about the minorities and undeserved populations in communities across the nation with oral health care. The NDAA's goal is recruit those falling in these minority groups into the dental assisting professions and gain awareness about the concerns of oral health from inside the ranks of the minority groups.

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American Dental Assistants Association works toward advancing the dental assisting professional through the means of credentials, professional continuing education activities and promoting concerns of the dental assisting professional through legislation.

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