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Mississippi Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Educational Requirements for a Medical Lab Technician in Mississippi

Though there are no specific educational requirements to work as a medical lab technician in the state of Mississippi, a minimum of a two year degree is recommended.  There are several Mississippi medical technician training institutions that offer a clinical medicine program, including some online.  In order to get nationally certificated, students of these programs are strongly urged to choose a school that is nationally accredited.  Accreditation and certification can lead to more choices once graduates are released into the work force.

Universities and community colleges offer associate degree programs in clinical medicine, and those interested in pursuing a career as a medical lab technician should prepare in high school with a concentration in math and science.  The standard curriculum once an individual begins a university level program will include courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology, all with accompanying labs.  In addition, college algebra, trigonometry, anatomy, and physiology courses are also part of the requirements, adding to the importance of a strong mathematical aptitude. Specialized courses include body fluid analysis, hematology, and immunology.  Those completing a degree in clinical science have the option of applying for medical school.

Mississippi does not have any requirements for lab technicians to attend continuing education courses, but it makes sense to continue coursework throughout a career in order to find additional advancement opportunities in the field.  Continuing education will also keep lab technicians in the know about medical advancements, allowing the technicians to remain a valuable resource with their employer.

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