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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Mississippi - MS

Mississippi Medical Transcription Training Programs

Employers in the state of Mississippi prefer that potential transcriptionists complete a two-year Associate‚Äôs Degree program. The various classes that need to be taken for medical transcription training in Mississippi include anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, medical legal issues, and English grammar and punctuation. The reason for the wide variety of courses is due to the vastness of the medical transcription profession. Often, while transcribing the notes given to them by a physician, a transcriber needs to know what exactly a doctor is discussing. An understanding of these concepts is critical to success in the field, hence the reason why it is necessary to take such a broad canvas of courses for an AA. 

On the job training is an essential key to success in the field as well as for the optional certification process required by Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). Most Associate Degree programs include training as part of their curriculum. Once the on the job training is complete, a medical transcriptionist may take the AHDI exam to become a CMT (certified medical transcriptionist). After a passing score is reached, the CMT must take 30 continuing education units every three years to renew their license. While becoming certified is not mandatory, it is greatly recommended for distinguishing yourself from other transcriptionists. There is one further level of certification called an AHDI Fellow. This can only be achieved after showing years of success within the field.

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